U.S.S. Seahorse Underway In The Bahamas Near Autec (Andros Island), 8 June 1994. Additional Information Below Was Provided By The Decommissioning CO, CDR Richard Current.

"The lookout is TMSN(SS) Kendall Louther, on the starboard side of the bridge cockpit is CDR Richard Current (me), and to my left is the Engineer, LCDR Richard Darden. I never liked any of the old command pictures and asked the Navigator, LCDR Kevin Zumbar, to see if he could ask one of the HSL squadrons to make a pass. They did and we have a nice picture. I played around with speed a bit - standard bell was a bit "whimpy" and flank seemed to bury the bow too much - so this picture is taken a Full speed. I also wanted the shot to be a bit more "sleak" by having all mast and antennas lowered and removed the bridge windshield. So something more than our heads are poking up over the cockpit, the Eng and I are actually propped up a bit wedging our feet into the sides of the cockpit to get up high enough. The helo made four passes and shot video at the same time. On the last pass he went head on very low and blew everyone's hat off into the drink. All in all, this event only took a few minutes to happen, then the helo went home. SEAHORSE had the Commodore (CAPT Stan Szemborsky) onboard - and we were heading for a torpedo proficiency firing. We had the pictures and negatives handed to us within about three days before we departed AUTEC. "

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