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Willie The Cook
Marrow Paddling Story by CO McKinney
All That Remains?
Seahorse Plaque
Plank Owner Trivia Question
Launching - 1968
Enlisted Plank Owners List
Plank Owner CO
Officer Plank Owners List A
Officer Plank Owners List B
Underway - 1969
Rosie Roads - Probably Just After Commissioning
Stuff Happens - 25 Jan 1972
Chief Funke - Circa 1972
Close Shave - Circa 1972
Mitch Schectman...AKA Barber...Circa 1972
Mitch Schectman and Company - Guantanomo Bay 1972
Flasher - Guantanomo Bay 1972
Fish Story - Guantanamo Bay 1972
CO Ratliff, Change Of Command - Naples 1972
CO Heuberger, Change Of Command - Naples 1972
Gene Knight Pics From Early 70's
Wayne Nelson at Holy Loch - 70's
Con, Manuvering, And Crew Members - Mid 70's Era Captain McKinney and XO - Mid 70's Era
Steve Rice - Mid 70's Era
Art Harrington ? - Mid 70's Era
Barbecue Party - Mid 70's Era
Rand Hoyt - Mid 70's Era
Line Handlers - Mid 70's Era
Roger Trumbull and Chief Cochran - Mid 70's Era
Ft. Liquordale Shot - Mid 70's Era
Bob Ennis and Dave Coulson ? - Mid 70's Era
Volleyball Game - Mid 70's Era
Rand Hoyt - Periscope - Mid 70's Era
Larry Valeria - Mid 70's Era
Pictures of Tom Pendleton - Mid 70's Era
Still Another Barbecue Shot - Mid 70's Era
Tied Up In Italy - Mid 70's Era
XO's Departure Party - Mid 70's Era
Frey Pic's From Mid 70's Era
Vaughn Pic's From Mid 70's Era
Clark Pic's From Mid 70's Era
Instructions To Wives From Mid 70's Era 
Next To Pier Somewhere - Mid 70's Era
Qual Card and Qual Certificate - Circa Early 70's
Mike Stuffle's Retirement Party
Task Force 1975 
Task Force 1975 - Next To The South Carolina 
STS3 Randall Graham and MM1 Jim Stanback - 1976 Med Run
Next To Pier In Ft Lauderdale
Dolphin and Re-enlistment Ceremony - 1978 and 1979
Mark Winters, Gary Grove and Company - 1975 and 1978
Time Capsule - 1 Jan 1979
Jim Stieber Pics From Early 80's
Pat Leblanc Pics From Early 80's!
Diego Garcia, Around The World Cruise - 1981
Next To Pier With DSRV Mystic Onboard - 1984
Houdek Dolphin Ceremony - 1985
Celebrity Bluenose Ceremony - 1984/1985
Underway - 1985 or 1986
Ice Shot's - 1986
Ice Shot With Horizon - 1986
Panama Canal - Dec 1986
Yards Shot Bremerton Washington - Jan 1987
Mortimer's Pics Late 80's? 
Emergency Blow Test - 1988
Various Pictures - 88-90
Panamal Canal Pic - 1989
Breaking The Ice - 1990
Four Tops In Manuevering - 1991
Underway - 8 June 1994
Deactivation Pictures - 6 Jan 1995
Reunion Pictures - Oct 1999