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Seahorse Naval Registry Information
United States Navy Memorial - The United States Navy Memorial Foundation, founded in 1977, honors all who have served in the sea services and perpetuates their heritage, values and traditions.

- Navy Veterans' Organization created on, and for, the World Wide Web.
United States Submarine Veterans Inc (USSVI)
- Excellent submarine veterans web site. Check out the urgent message requesting support for a bill authorizing a submarine commemorative stamp.
Ron Martini's Navy Submarine Base
- Another excellent submarine related site.
Subnet - Another Good Sub Vet Site


USS Seafox SS-402
USS Requin SS-481
USS Permit SSN-594
USS Barb SSN-596
USS Haddo SSN-604
USS Thomas Edison SSBN-610
USS Whale SSN-638
USS Tautog SSN-639
USS Ray SSN-653
USS Vallejo SSBN-658
USS Narwhal SSN-671
USS Scranton SSN-756
USS Cheyenne SSN-773


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