Time Capsule - It Was Actually Found Much Earlier (About A Week After)
(courtesy Jim Wilkinson)

1 Jan 1979 0000hrs

To whom it may concern:

It is my hope that when this time capsule is found, from 8 to 10 years has past. As you look at these cards and wonder what were the people like that put them here, I will tell you. We were all just kinda crazy. But then, the shipyard will do that to you. From the past to you in the present, I have this to say. "If I had as much time left as you do, I would kill myself."


James M. Wilkinson ETR2(SS)


1499 GTG today, hope you love it, by the time you read this I’ll be gone, have fun sucker!

Shiver MM2(SS)

Dec 31 ‘78: 973 DTG, sitting here in wetdock and loving it.

Steve M. Centore ETN2

12/31/78- 632 DTG- The HELL with it! I wanna bea chief! I canna bea chief, so the hell with it! OBTW - I been on this boat over 4 years, I been on this boat the last 4 New Years - The HELL with it.

Eli Dragomere MM1(SS)

editors note: Eli really didn’t say the hell with it, I leave it to the reader to add a stronger cuss word, but since I live in Cincinnati, I must be careful. JMW

We all live in the gutter, but some of us look up at the stars.

Rowdy Yeats EM1(SS)

54 DTG need I say more

ps (next)

Alvin T. Smith MM1(SS)

Dec 31st 1978 - I just wanna say I’m proud to be an American, I’m proud to be a member of the United States Navy, and I’m really damn proud to be one of those elite members of that ever famous ‘Run Silent, Run Deep’ mother F****** - of course it goes without saying - ‘This is the life’. One more thing boss, 677 DTG.

PO Blocksom MM2/dink

31 Dec 78 Time capsule notes: When this is found, I hope I am a civilian and employed as the George Legare Game Preserve Commissioner.

EM2 Althauser viva le dinks


Reactor Controls Division

Wiegel ET1(SS)

Wilkinson ETR2(SS)

Berna ETN2(SS)

Johnson ETN2

Hughes K. ETR2

Centore ETN2

Shackleford ETR2

Leschinsky ETN3

Masterson ETN3


E Div

Coulson EMC(SS) Clark EM2

Warren ICC(SS) Waldrop EM2

Yeats EM1(SS) Huss EM2

Falardeau EM1(SS) Witworth IC2

King EM1(SS) Warner EM3

Lutz EM1(SS)

Hansen IC2(SS)

Althauser EM2

Chambers IC2


M Div

Cochran MMSC(SS) Shiver MM2(SS)

Gunnell MMC(SS) Schiel MM2

Helvey MMC(SS) Blocksom MM2

Dennis MM1(SS) Thompson MM2

Dragomere MM1(SS) LELT O’Leary MM2

Aston MM1(SS) Allen MM2

Paul MM1(SS) Hughes F. MM2

Miller MM1(SS) Jones MM3

Smith MM1(SS)


Our Wardroom - (or where we go for "leadership?")

Cdr McKinney - CO - owner of this here ‘rubber duckey’

Cdr Habermeyer - XO - starting forward on BB team

LCdr George E. Voelker - our Engineer

Lt jg (almost Lt) Kruer - MPA- the other forward

Ltjg Pat Bloomfield - RCA

Ltjg "Killer" Keller - E+ IC

Ltjg Cook - the forgotten Ensign

Ens Govan - our token midshipman

and occasionally we have to put up with the following -

Lt ‘check valve’ Serwich

Lt ‘moon’ Mullins - todays D.O.

Lt Alford - the soccer star

Ltjg "boots" McCamey - a rock

and special mention to

Lt ‘Gordo’ Cremer - Subpacs adjutant

almost former Ltjg Rick Labaw - civilian, good for him.


I have kept this piece of history safe for the last 18 years not realizing that the Seahorse would only be a memory by now. We were young and indestructible and so was our boat. She was a good ship, with a great captain and crew and I will never forget her.

Jim Wilkinson, Cincinnati OH 1 Jan 1997

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