Enter The Site Entry Password In The Field Below To Access The Site Login/Registration Page. The Password Is Combination Of Two Words (singlestring, lower  case). First Part Is The Name Of The  First Room On The Right After You Exit The Aft End Of The Seahorse Torpedo Room. It Had A Couple Of Machines That Went Round And  Round. Second Part Is The Space Above The Reactor Compartment Through Which You Pass When Going From The Forward To The Aft Part  Of The Boat. It Was A Warm Space, Had A Steep But Short Ladder At The Aft End, And Contained The Reactor Compartment Entry Door.

If You Cannot Figure The Password Out, E-Mail Me With Information That Will Convince Me You Served On Board The Seahorse. Once Convinced, I'll E-Mail You The Password. Sorry, But This 007 Stuff Is Necessary To Keep The Spammers Out. Click Here To Go Back To The Home Page.



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