At Right Is TM1 Rebel Hopkins at WLC in Torp Room. Who Is The One On Left? (Courtesy Of Pat LeBlanc)

IC1 Jimmy Ambrose in Groton during POM Work-Up (Courtesy Of Pat LeBlanc)

Hopkins at bat in Groton during POM Work-Up (Courtesy Of Pat LeBlanc)

MS2 Lonnie Sanders, Best Chicken I ever ate, EVER.  Webmasters Note: I Did Not Say That..Pat Did. (Courtesy Of Pat Leblanc)

The Catcher is an A Ganger.  Any Names. (Courtesy Of Pat LeBlanc)

The 3 Finest A Gangers in the World According To Pat LeBlanc. Who Am I To Argue, Especially With One Of Them Toking A Silver Star. From L: MM2 Denny Lee Smith, MM1 Doc Williams (who won a Silver Star in Viet Nam as a Sea Bee) and MM3 Mark Thompson (Courtesy Of Pat LeBlanc)

IC1 Ambrose in TR Underway. (Courtesy Of Pat LeBlanc)

TMC Phil Gates cuts hair. (Courtesy Of Pat LeBlanc)

MM1 Ed Williams plays guitar. He had a kid while we underway that weighed 15 pounds.  (Courtesy Of Pat LeBlanc)

Gates on Dive, Eric ? on COW. (Courtesy Of Pat LeBlanc)

TMC Bob Edge and QMC ? (Courtesy Of Pat LeBlanc)

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